Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Fresh Concept for a FRESH Store

My wife tires of my continuous criticism on television advertising. And to add to the rhetoric in my household, my seventeen year old son has now joined dear old dad on this mission of brand quality and clarity for any commercial that rolls through our television screen. My wife may move out soon.

However, as of March 10, 2011 the criticism would come to a screeching halt as Brookshires opened the doors to FRESH. Breaking new ground in East Texas, a marketing department has set the bar on real brand development and awareness.

Brookshires has long set a standard on quality as well as solid brand identity but FRESH is on a whole different level. From their logo development down to the slick quality of the interior design, it's more than a grocery store. Not only is it making an impact with a FRESH visual concept, I believe they have invented an entirely new kind of animal all together.

But since the mechanics of a store aren't really my gig, I would like to take this time to compliment their marketing efforts on real brand development. This level of development is really only executed on very high level retail corporations.

There are four main points to a successful brand and they are:

1. Connection - Your brand must tell a story

2. Clarity - You must be clear about why you're worth noticing

3. Conviction - Radiating an unwavering certainty

4. Consistency - Keeping your word

These four points are all developed through an internal process that serve as anchor points for any and all messaging. The public, that being us, will never see the definitions that are refined through these four points. The only thing we get to see, and we're seeing it now, are the results of the creative that flourishes through all these definitions.

For instance, one of the big focal points within a solid brand is in defining a "Constituent Club". This is the group or tribe of people that "join" when using or supporting the brand. It's what being associated with the brand "says" about someone such as seeing a person with a Starbucks coffee cup in their hands. They are part of the club and may be just a little proud to carry it around. Don't believe me? When was the last time you saw someone in a board room bringing in a cup of coffee from a gas station? But for whatever reason, it's perfectly acceptable to come into the most formal of areas holding this paper cup wrapped up nice and neat with a cardboard sleeve.

FRESH has successfully defined their Constituent Club and it's growing in numbers. I'm proud to say I'm a FRESHIE myself and would wear a t-shirt if they sold them. Maybe they do.

Are you a FRESHIE?

freshie \fresh-ee\ n. 1: A person keenly interested in freshness 
2: A person who seeks fresh experiences in eating or cooking 
3: A loyal fan of FRESH by Brookshires 4: FRESH's super-friendly 
employees, typically found helping folks throughout the store

My hats off to Brookshires and their entire marketing department for leading the market in tier one brand development. Love to keep on typing but I'm off to FRESHEN up my stomach.

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