Friday, March 2, 2012

Julio's Corn Tortilla Chips

Let's face it, corn tortilla chips are boring. My wife has been buying Tostitos for years and only because we all need something to put the hot sauce on. I just can't imagine pulling out a bag of tortilla chips and eating them straight with nothing on them. That is until now.

FRESH had one of those sample people giving out free food and one of the items they were pushing was chips. Well you know how it is as you kind of feel sorry for those people out there all by themselves with their little table of food. It's kind of like a kid selling lemonade so you stop and try whatever it is their pushing as you don't want to look like a jackass. I can tell you with all the honesty left in my body that the chip given to me was the best tortilla chip I've ever had. And more importantly, it was great just by itself.

Julio's Corn Tortilla Chip is not only a great product but a great American story. And it's one of those stories that we should all take notice of when so many people have their hand out looking for a free ride.

Julio T. Garcia was born in Crystal City, Texas but raised on the other side of the border in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. He worked as a cook at Del Rio Restaurant and had developed his own spices that he used on steaks. Del Rio closed down leaving Julio unemployed and in a sea of debt. He tried marketing his spices from home but his credit was so bad that no bank would give him the time of day.

And then a miracle happened.

One day, a woman came to his house asking about the chips they served at Del Rio and wanted them for a party. Julio cut up some tortillas, fried them up, applied his spices and the rest is history. From that day forward, people started showing up at his door wanting chips.

Now with eight employees in his garage, Julio is distributing his chips all over Texas. Wal-mart is even selling them now as 8 distributors pick up the chips and take them to San Angelo, Midland, Odessa and Abilene.

Julio T. Garcia serves as an example to all of us that if you are willing to work in this country, you can do great things. And speaking of great, these chips are the best damn tortilla chips I've ever had.

And you can bank on that statement.


  1. Thanks Edwin, I bought a sack of Julio's today and they are the best, bar none, supermarket chip I've tasted. And in 59 years of living in EasTex I've had them all. Weaned on Fritos, and raised on Doritos...but now I'm a Julio's hombre 100%! Thanks again and keep up the coloring'.

  2. We have had them here in Michigan thanks to a friend who brought them but are looking to get some more. We went to their website and called to place an order much to our dismay the case is $70 for 8 bags and the shipping is $70 (which we thought was way high) per case - ugh! Do you know where we can get them here in good old Michigan?

  3. Michigan? Good Lord in the world did you get them there? This is a pretty tall order but I might know someone who can help you. Go to my web site, Holt Creative Group, and fill out the contact info page. I'll forward your information to a friend that may be able to aid in this dire tortilla chip emergency.

  4. All set...I know major withdrals from those chips here at work lol! Long story short - one of the guys here has a wife that works at a trucking company which made regular trips to Texas (that it is how our addiction began lol) BUT those trips have ended:( and now we begin searching...calling them was great except the shipping charge - ugh makes the bags like $10 each and however we love them that seems extreme. If you could help us that would be great!!

  5. These are the best chips ever I shared them at work they love them. I get mine at Central Market you can also find them at Kroger.