Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Man it's been a sea of crazy out there. This whole end of the world thing has really been something to watch and the funny thing is those people are still waiting for October to roll around. It must be sheer pride at this point as that's the only thing I can figure. You'll see. It's really going to happen this time.

Truth is the whole thing is just plain sad. It's sad to think that there are folks so miserable out there that the end of the world is a better situation than what they have down here on this rock. But hey, you won't catch me candy coating life on earth. It ain't no picnic and I don't care what you have or who you are, no one is immune to the blues.

It seems lately that life has gotten even harder. I was talking to a friend of mine this week on this very topic and I think when you reach middle age, things just get difficult. Life seems to challenge us in different ways but as hard as it's been, I'm glad I'm going through it. Having to go through difficult situations makes you wiser and stronger. I hope to be the better man for having to fight through life as that's what being human is all about. We ate the apple a long time ago so pick up a shovel and start digging.

As far as the crazies who think the world is coming to an end, I say thank you. To be honest, my life is so busy that I think it's been a good thing for someone to point out the end of times. It makes you think what if. What if today was your last day. Have you done enough down here? Have you helped enough down here? What will God think of me when I'm laid out on the cooling board?

I've thought about what it might be like if I were to pass on tomorrow. 

Here's how it might play out.

Mr. Peter: Mr. are you? Please, have a seat.

Me: Exactly what is this place?

Mr. Peter: Oh yes. I see you're just getting your introductory files. It's the large box on the table there. If you'll open that up and read the cover page where it says you're dead.

Me: I'm dead?

Mr. Peter: Yes. You are dead. As a door nail.

Me: So I'm dead...where exactly am I?

Mr. Peter: Ha! They always ask that question. You're not in Hell if that's what you mean. But you're not in Heaven either. This is a final judgement station and we're waiting on the prosecution to get here. You have quite a file box over there. Sorry about the coffee cup ring on the top as I spilled a little on it this morning. We make our own coffee up here and it's just terrible. They keep talking about putting in a Starbucks next to judgement station number three but I have yet to see any progress. Anyway, you may want to take a peek at your file before prosecution gets here. I was flipping through it this morning and it's quite colorful. Especially the college years.

Me: You say prosecution. Is this some sort of attorney? And if so, where is mine?

Mr. Peter: Your attorney will be here shortly. He's extremely busy as most of you folks coming in have pretty extensive files. He is now. Jesus, meet your client, Mr. Holt.

Jesus: Mr. Holt...It's great to finally meet you in person. Don't sweat the prosecution. I've already sent him a letter and he won't be showing up today. I've taken the burden of your file on myself so you won't need to worry with all that. All I ask is that you recognize this as you make your way past this judgement station. Remember who I am and remember what I did for you. Today as well as yesterday.

Go on now. I believe Sam Cooke is performing with the Soul Stirrers and they tell me Gabriel has been barbecuing all day. It's beef as I'm not much into the pork.


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  1. when I walk into church and see Edwin at the pulpit...I will be concerned

    But this post is excellent!