Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cheese and Burger Society

Memorial Day is upon us and hopefully you will be taking some time off to spend with family and friends while remembering the good men and women that have fought for our country.

And keeping in tradition with this long weekend I'll be fanning the flames on my grill in hopes of feeding many a hungry stomach.

A few years back, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board launched a web site to encourage grill masters everywhere to use real cheese on burgers. In keeping with this topic, a continuous conversation that I have with one of my best friends who enjoys grilling as much as I do tables on the flavorless slices of cheese packaged in individual plastic wraps. They are horrible and serve no purpose of any kind that might benefit one single solitary taste-bud. The only thing worthwhile about them is the fact that they are individually wrapped. But come on. Are you kidding me? Are we all that freagin' lazy that we can't go to the market, pick out some great cheese and slice up something interesting for our next cheeseburger?

Aside from this recipe taken from the Cheese and Burger Society titled The Honky Tonk, I would encourage everyone to visit the actual site. It has 30 recipes for cheeseburgers that all include specialty cheeses from the great state of Wisconsin. And I am here to tell you that just adding some great cheese on your burger will make all the difference in the world.

This weekend, fire up the grill and cheese up the place. Wisconsin will thank you.

The Honky Tonk

A smoky bar and an ice cold beer. Some live music and a mechanical bull to boot. If this is your idea of a night on the town, then The Honky Tonk is the cheeseburger for you. This good old boy is loaded with the stuff that can turn a boy into a man and a man into a living legend that songs are written about.

The Toppings and Fixings:

Wisconsin Brick Cheese
Beef Patty
BBQ Sauce
Peppered Pork
Onion Rings
Boston Bibb Lettuce
Toasted Sesame Burger Bun

For more recipes from the Cheese and Burger Society, visit their web site below.

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