Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Christmas List

This time of year always brings out the best in me at some point. I always have a hard time getting into the Christmas groove but the cold weather along with the relentless Christmas music playing gets me every time. Not to mention it looks like Chris Kringle vomited in my house. The little boys appear as though they have been drinking Starbucks coffee all day just waiting to rip open any gift tucked underneath the tree.

I miss those days as it seems like Santa forgets grownups. We all get the shaft with new socks and an occasional pull over. Oh...I'm not complaining as it's a real kick to watch the kids on Christmas morning but I have to say that just once, I wish old Santa would remember me.

So this year I launched a pretty extensive campaign with Santa for adults like me who want more than socks and sweaters. After several conference calls and market studies presented to the North Pole, I'm extremely pleased to deliver this message from Santa Clause himself. I hope all of you will take a little time out of your busy schedule and let him know what you want for Christmas. I'm giving you permission to be a kid just once more. 

So be a kid.

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