Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Original Underdog

Time and time again we are reminded that the best things in this world are in such unexpected places. It's very much like the book and the cover thing as we lean towards judging something due to it's appearance. It's the very reason for the success of Susan Boyle due to the shock factor she delivered to the crowd when she performed on Britain's Got Talent in 2009. Out walks this older and extremely frumpy looking older lady with a voice that managed to bring the house completely down.

Such is the story of Charlie Brown and his less than perfect tree selection in the classic Charlie Brown Christmas. Much like Charlie, it's a loser. Or at least that's how his peers see it when he shows up with a tree that in their opinion, will never amount to anything. And if you know the whole story, the tree shines in the end as a symbol of hope for us all. The little tree that could barely hold up just one ornament.

Life is like this for all of us as I'm a firm believer that God rallies behind the underdog. The Christmas story is no different as two souls journey across the desert only to find room in a stable full of animals. Both of which had to be exhausted which was followed by labor pains and then a delivery on a dirt floor. And nobody ever talks about Joseph in all of this as I would wager to say he was probably in a state of shock given the environment. I've seen that four times and even in a hospital, the whole thing is just disturbing. I don't care what some granola says about it being beautiful as they don't know what they're talking about.

One would think that Mary would have said, "Hold on there Joe. This is the Son of God Himself. Where's my limo? Where's my four star room at Presbi? And make sure you order the epidural." But she didn't as like her Son, she was also an underdog. A pregnant woman riding a donkey for at least 70 miles taking anywhere from 6 to 8 days in travel time. I don't know about you but donkey and pregnant woman really don't go together very well. For the record, I got reamed out on several different occasions for hitting every pothole on Hillcrest from Stanford all the way to Park Lane. Literally a ten to fifteen minute drive but I digress.

Every year, we get caught up in our own holiday hell. I don't particularly care for all the commercialism that surrounds Christmas and I have to remind myself what it's all about. And if you really take notice of the story, you'll see that it's about the underdog. The original underdog that came to save us all in the very humble surroundings of a barn. Not the Ritz Carlton but a barn.

Take heed this Christmas my friends. You never know where you'll find a treasure as they always show up in the most unsuspecting places.

Merry Christmas!

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